White And Yellow Lines: Life On The Road

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White And Yellow Lines: Life On The Road…

Some people say that you’re out here living a dream doing what you love for tons of screaming fans every night. Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s a dream for sure, but it is work. It’s stressful, it’s tiring, we put blood, sweat, and tears into making this life on the road look good and keep it exciting for all the people on the outside looking in.

People ask all the time, “Is it crazy??” Yes, it’s f*cking “crazy”. It’s always a race against the clock. There’s always something you forgot or left behind. Then there’s the people at the venue. There’s always the one asshole that wants to make everything difficult… I can go on and on about all the stress and struggle on the road…

Let me tell why I love touring… There is nothing better than being able to reach people through music and performance. Songs live on each and every night for your fans that come to see you. It’s still a trip to think that people want to pay hard earned money to see and hear me perform… I’m still in the early stages of all this but in such a short time I have amassed so many great fans. You guys and gals, my Rebel Army, make it all worth it! Going city to city seeing the different ways of life just amazes me. It’s crazy how from state to state or city to city the way of living can change so much. Meeting new people is always an enjoyable time. It isn’t about the bright lights, or cheers, the most humbling part of it all is those moments during a meet and greet when a fan or stranger approaches you telling you how a song you wrote helped change their life. Those moments when you see the pain or joy in that persons eyes that makes all the time away from home and family all worth it. You do meet some crazy and rowdy, off the hook people out here, but again it’s all apart of the beauty of it.

Stay tuned as tour kicks off to promote the new EP “Two Wrongs Made It Right” I’ll be posting updates from the road and interesting stories from those crazy nights runnin’ between those white and yellow lines.