Vonn Kiss is an American recording artist and songwriter.
VK grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, working as a vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitar player in several rock bands before realizing his love and roots were in country music and that rock n’ roll just wasn’t who he was. VK then followed his roots in country music and began his solo career writing and performing as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player.

“The only music that was ever on the radio and on vinyl in the house was Haggard, Hank, Coe, Jennings, Jones, Nelson and Twitty… Just all the good ole’ boys,” says VK.

Vk’s family, especially his Uncle Mike, was a big inspiration that led him to music at the young age of four, from buying his first set of drums and guitar, to singing in Church on Sundays, to winning his first talent contest in the second grade performing “Swingin” by John Anderson.

Vonn Kiss recently released his EP, titled “Two Wrongs Do Make It Right” and it has gained him national attention with his ever-growing fan base. The EP was written by Vonn Kiss and co-produced by Grammy Award Winner Gretchen Wilson and David Allan Coe. Vonn Kiss has recently been on tour with David Allan Coe and is currently gearing up for his Summer 2016 Tour.

“You know this biography hasn’t really been written. The story hasn’t been told yet. It’s just the beginning. It’s the people and the fans that decides how this story book ends. At the end of the day it’s what the fans perceive, love and hate that determines where this story goes. Each and everyday it’s a new line, new paragraph, new chapter and new page. One day there will be a story book ending and right now it’s too early to tell. So it’s all just in the beginning. So we’re gonna take this ride and see where it ends, but we’re damn sure gonna give it hell.” -VK-

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Born with two souls: Waylon, Jones, Haggard, Springsteen, Kristofferson, Nelson, Coe, Gosdin, Twitty, Petty, Cash, Williams, Anderson, Jamey Johnson, Earle, The Stones, The Who, Zeppelin, STP, and Guns & Roses.

Meaning behind “She Don’t Know Who I Am”

“She Don’t Know Who I Am is one of those songs to me that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives. It comes from that place in everybody’s life when that one person you came across and she/he touched your life for that brief moment and couple days or however long or short the moment had lasted but they never left your mind. It’s that moment when you think, “what might of been?” and you would’ve gone to any length to see what it was all about and time just never really allowed it, you just never really had the opportunity to know who that person is or was, yet they touched you in a way that left you always wondering.” -VK-

Meaning behind “Say A Little Prayer For Me”

“This song is a song that touches me pretty closely since alot of my family worked their own farms down in KY. So it came from, at first, that frame of mind, seeing how they struggled. They weren’t the richest people, but very pure and genuine. Thats where the inspiration for this song started. As I got into it I realized this just doesn’t have to be about farmers but an inspiration to others because we all struggle in life and have those moments that we all need an extra little boost or pick me up to motivate ourselves to keep fighting and grinding with the hopes that everything is gonna be alright. We all have bills to pay, families, friends that need to help and that you want to take care of. So everyone, in life, and in general faces daily adversities that live and die by needing certain things to happen so they can fight and make it through, succeed and just be alright. So it all started from the thoughts of my families situation that they needed a little prayer for rain for their crops to grow, or just needed a little help in life in general. Maybe someone else just needs a little prayer to get through a day, relationship, marriage, or illness. Look, at the end of the day, we all need a little prayer from time to time.”-VK-


Two Wrongs Made It Right

Vonn Kiss - Two Wrongs Made It Right
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